Spring 2017 and Fall 2017 homeschool class for grades 9-12.
Prepare your Teens to make smart decisions about money.

Students learn how saving, budgeting and staying out of debt allows them to build wealth and fund their dreams.

This class will not be offered in the 2018-2019 school year.


Dave Ramsey's "Foundations in Personal Finance" curriculum emphasizes budgeting, staying out of debt, and planning for the future. 

Class Experience

Short video lessons combine with discussion and group activities to apply the concepts to real life and make them stick. 


Margo Jones is the lead educator at 907 Education. As both a homeschool mom, and an experienced teacher of homeschool workshops, she is committed to making her classes both educational and fun.

Foundations in Personal Finance

More than 2 million high school students have been empowered to make sound financial decisions for life with Dave Ramsey's "Foundations in Personal Finance" curriculum. While some Dave Ramsey products have religious content, this curriculum is secular and is used in many publicly funded schools.
For a more information about the topics covered, click here to go to the Dave Ramsey site.

Unit 1:
Saving and Budgeting

1) Introduction to Finance

2) Saving

3) Budgeting

Unit 2:
Credit and Debt

4) Debt

5) Life after High School

6) Consumer Awareness

Unit 3:
Financial Planning and Insurance

7) Bargain Shopping

8) Investment and Retirement

9) Insurance

Unit 4:
Income, Taxes, and Giving

10) Money and Relationships

11) Careers and Taxes

12) Giving

Class Information

When: Wednesdays, 1:30 - 3:30 pm, starting September 6, 2017. Class will meet for fourteen sessions. No class Thanksgiving week. Last class on December 13. One semester only.

Where: Crosspoint Community Church, 1920 W Dimond, Ste K (between Joanns and Planet Fitness. For a schedule of other classes for high school being taught by vendors at Crosspoint this year, (click here).

Cost: $250 for the semester. Tuition will include the student workbook. Direct billing will be available to IDEA and Family Partnership. (ASD vendor approval is pending, but should be in place soon.) Other direct billing arrangements are a possibility; please ask. As always, parents are ultimately responsible for payment. Please be sure that this class is covered by your learning plan, meets the guidelines of your program, and that you have sufficient funds available in your allotment.

Class Size: A maximum of fifteen students will be enrolled in the class to encourage active participation in discussions.

Credit: There are two options to enroll in this class. You may enroll as a semester (1/2) credit in "Personal Finance" (IDEA) or "Special Topics in Math" (Family Partnership). In that case, completion of assignments will be tracked and a grade given. You may also enroll as a workshop student, and apply the time spent on this class toward a credit in "Life Skills" (IDEA) or "Senior Strategies" (ASD). This is a good option if the parent would like to add instruction in other skills such as cooking, first aid, and time management, and would like the flexibility of not completing all homework and projects. With the workshop option, the course grade is completely up to the parent.

Readiness for this Class: It is hard to learn to manage money without having any. A student will be ready to benefit from this class if they have some form of income, either from a job or an allowence, have a bank account in their own name (or be willing to get one), and make some purchases for themselves. If your student is not quite at this level, consider consider giving them on an allowence for things that you would normally pay for, like clothing or personal products, at least for the duration of the class.

The Math used in this class should not be difficult for most high school students. Please ask if you have concerns. Some homework can be completed faster by using a spreadsheet, but it is not required.

Are you a Boy Scout? See the FAQ page for more information about how this class could fufill many requirements of the "Personal Management" merit badge. (Eagle required)

Questions?: Please click here to send us a message. Or, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.