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907 Education

Home of Margo Jones, an Alaskan educator.

Margo Jones

I am a native of California, although I have lived all over the United States in my adult life before coming to Alaska six years ago. I earned my undergraduate degree in Product Design Engineering, a unique program at Stanford University that adds artistic design, creative thinking, and human factors into the engineering curriculum. I continued my education with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. The first twelve years of my career, I designed consumer products and led product development teams. I left the workforce to devote myself full time to raising my two children, including homeschooling them from early elementary through high school years. As my children began to graduate from high school, I transitioned to teaching workshops for homeschooled high school students and full courses in Physics and Personal Finance. These positive experiences in education, both in planning and implementing instruction, convinced me that I would be effective teaching full-time in a certified position. In May of 2019, I earned my Master of Education degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks..

Homeschool Classes

In past years, I taught classes in Physics and Personal Finance.  If you would like to see how I structured those classes, use the links below.


I have also tutored homeschool students as part of the OnTrack program. If you would like more information about OnTrack, or other classes available for homeschool students similar to those I have taught, this link takes you to the website for Alaska Homeschool Classes.